Regarding My Hiatus

Over the last couple of months, I haven’t published any blog posts on here. I had a hiatus on here that just, kind of…happened.

I didn’t plan for a hiatus, but one just naturally came about as I figured out how (and if) I can balance this blog with some new responsibilities I now have. They are wonderful responsibilities, I might add, but responsibilities that also take up some portion of time as well.

While dealing with these new tasks (not to mention being sick twice, which delayed my posting here, though it wasn’t COVID either time, thankfully), I’ve been figuring out whether, and if so, how, I can balance this blog with everything else I have going on. I wanted to wait to post again with an announcement until I figured that out.

Thankfully, I have figured out that I feel I can continue on with this blog. However, unlike in the past, there will be no scheduled rhythm to this blog. I will just post when I feel that my schedule and energy allow.

While this is not what many blogging experts suggest,[1] allowing me to not follow any set schedule will give me the flexibility to post when I am able, and not post when I don’t.

So now you know what’s going on, and why I’ve been on hiatus!

[1] And yes, I know I will be ignoring some advice I wrote in a blog advice post I wrote some time ago:

14 Replies to “Regarding My Hiatus”

  1. It’s okay, that from time to time we need to, break away from the way we’re, accustomed to doing things, we give ourselves a needed break, and, as we returned, we are able to gain new perspectives on what we were originally, doing, and find something new to discover of, our own, selves.

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  2. Brendan, I understand and know that you have to make the right decision for you. I’m seldom online these days and think I’ve only published one blog post this year. Rather than a hiatus, it’s more like a retirement. Here’s hoping you much success, good health, and happiness.

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