Women’s Rights

What Are…the Four Waves of Feminism?-March 15, 2021. This post explains what the waves of feminism are and why they are important. This is a post in the “what is” series.

How Issues of Injustice Influenced My Presidential Pick-October 26, 2020. This post talks about who I voted for in the 2020 United States Presidential Election, and why.

Poor Women, Wealthy Men, and the New School Sexual Assault Regulations-May 18, 2020. This post talks about how the Trump Administration guidelines on sexual assault cases at schools appeared to benefit wealthy male perpetrators the most, and harmed poor female perpetrators the most. This post is also on the economic injustice and sexual violence pages.

We Need to Grapple With Sexual Misconduct From Politicians…Even when It’s Politically Inconvenient-May 4, 2020. In light of sexual assault allegations against 2020 Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, this post talks about why political affiliation should not keep us from grappling with sexual misconduct from politicians. This post is also in the sexual violence section.

How the “Electability” Issue May Have Hurt Women Candidates in 2020-March 23, 2020. Electability was one of the top priorities of Democratic voters in the 2020 primary process. This post examines how the issue of electability may’ve hurt women candidates in 2020.

What is the 1994 Crime Bill, and Why is it So Controversial?-February 3, 2020. This post talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly in the 1994 crime bill, which became a major point of discussion in the 2020 Presidential Election. This post is also in the racial issues and other injustices sections of the blog.

The Gender Pay Gap and Sports-July 16, 2019. In light of the controversy surrounding unequal pay between U.S. Men’s Soccer and U.S. Women’s Soccer, I talked about the gender pay gap in soccer and other sports.

Shared Post: I’m Pro-Choice Because I’m Pro-Life-May 21, 2019. This post from a fellow blogger, which I shared in the aftermath of restrictive anti-abortion laws passed in several states, expresses a number of “blind injustices” and “blindly just ideas” related to abortion. This is also in the “Blindly Just Posts” section.

Shared Blog Post-#ButDon’tYouWantToGetBetter: Women, Doctors, and the Lack of Diagnosis-March 5, 2019. This link includes a shared post from a fellow author who talked about how doctors often don’t listen to female patients.

Ideas on How Men, Even “Good Men,” Can Respond to #MeToo-October 16, 2018. This post discusses the ways in which men can respond to women who have been honest about their stories of sexual harassment and assault. This post is also in the “Sexual Violence” section.

Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault-September 25, 2018. This link includes a shared post from a fellow author who talked about reasons why women don’t report sexual assault. This post was written during the controversy surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations. This shared post is also in the “Sexual Violence” section.

Shared Post-Playing Along: How Sexual Harassment Pays My Wages-August 7, 2018. This link includes a shared post from a fellow blogger who talked about how sexual harassment affects the wages she (and other women) receives. This shared post is also in the “Sexual Violence” section.

The #MeToo Campaign-October 17, 2017. In light of a campaign to raise awareness against sexual violence (particularly sexual violence against women) though a social media hashtag called “Me Too,” I published a post addressed to different types of people with different levels of involvement in the campaign. This post is also in the sections for “LGBTQ+” (a section of the post is addressed to nonbinary survivors), “Sexual Violence,” and “Other Injustices” (a section is addressed to male survivors).

Gender Inequality in Conversations-July 11, 2017. Yes, there is gender inequality in conversations. Readers who want to learn more about gender inequality in conversations should read this post.

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