Women’s Rights

Shared Post-Playing Along: How Sexual Harassment Pays My Wages-August 7, 2018. This link includes a shared post from a fellow blogger who talked about how sexual harassment affects the wages she (and other women) receives. This shared post is also in the “Sexual Violence” section.

Shared Post: “If You Don’t Want to be Sexualized, Why Do You Get Dressed Up?”-May 1, 2018. This shared post addresses the fact that women dress up for reasons other than being sexualized. Unfortunately, many people forget that women often dress up to look professional, go to a religious service, go to a nice restaurant and/or any other number of reasons that have nothing to do with being sexualized.

The #MeToo Campaign-October 17, 2017. In light of a campaign to raise awareness against sexual violence (particularly sexual violence against women) though a social media hashtag called “Me Too,” I published a post addressed to different types of people with different levels of involvement in the campaign. This post is also in the sections for “LGBTQ+” (a section of the post is addressed to nonbinary survivors), “Sexual Violence,” and “Other Injustices” (a section is addressed to male survivors).

Gender Inequality in Conversations-July 11, 2017. Yes, there is gender inequality in conversations. Readers who want to learn more about gender inequality in conversations should read this post.