On How We Treat All Refugees-March 7, 2022. Read about why the crisis of Ukrainian refugees with the war in Ukraine should be a call for better treatment of all refugees.

The Biden Administration’s Deportation of Haitian Migrants: A Shameful Policy-September 27, 2021. In Fall 2021, there were mass deportations of Haitian migrants at the United States-Mexico border under the Biden administration. This post talks about the administration’s policy.

The (COVID) Crisis at the United States–Mexico Border-April 5, 2021. This post talks about how the handling of the influx of migrants by the United States government has created a potential COVID crisis. This post is also in the “Coronavirus Diary” section.

The Classism of the Trump Administration’s New Guidelines on Illegal Immigrants-August 20, 2019. In 2019, the Trump administration announced a new regulation, called a “public charge rule,” where someone applying for admission to the United States or someone who is looking for a change in residency status could be denied their request if they are deemed as likely to be a “public charge” in the future. This post explains why the policy is classist.

On Telling People to “Go Back to Their Home Countries”-July 30, 2019. This post discusses the comment President Trump made about four congresswomen of color, that they should “go back to their home countries.” I explain the issues with such comments, as well as the fact that these comments are so widespread.

On the Controversial Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group-July 9, 2019. There was a secret Border Patrol Facebook Group, called “I’m 10-15”, that created outrage among many in the American public. This post argues that the controversial posts are indicative of a larger, toxic culture at the United States Border Patrol.

How Immigration Policy Hurts Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts-January 8, 2019. In this post, I discuss how a harsh policy on immigration hurts efforts to help the trafficked and hold traffickers accountable. This is also in the “Slavery” section.

President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration: Still a Mental Health Crisis-June 26, 2018. After President Trump signed an executive order to try ending the separation of families of illegal immigrants, I explained why the executive order does not fix anything from a mental health perspective.

Separating Families of Illegal Immigrants: A Mental Health Crisis-June 19, 2018. After families of illegal immigrant children were separated, I wrote about how this creates a mental health crisis for the entire family.

Some Words about the End of DACA-September 19, 2017. After President Donald Trump’s decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), I felt it was important to send a few messages in response through a blog post.

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