Other Injustices

American Health Care and Responding to the Long-Term Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic-March 14, 2022. Read about why there should be concern about American health care’s ability to respond to the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. This post an also be found on the “Coronavirus Diary” page.

On Book Bans-February 28, 2022. This post talks about how book bans give the book banners a false sense of protection.

Highlighting the Lack of Care for the Immunocompromised During the COVID-19 Pandemic-January 24, 2022. Learn about how people’s attitudes as well as policies during the COVID-19 pandemic showed a lack of care for the immunocompromised. This post is also on the page for “other injustices.”

Hope Is Lost For Voting Rights Expansions…Or Is It?-June 28, 2021. This post discusses voting rights legislation in the United States that had failed in 2021, as well as whether there is a path forward for voting rights expansions in the short term.

On the Underreporting of Hate Crimes-March 29, 2021. This post talks about how hate crimes in general are underreported in the United States. This post is also in the “Religious Intolerance” and “Racial Issues” pages.

Gaslighting in Contexts Other Than Relationships-December 14, 2020. This post talks about other contexts in which gaslighting can happen.

What Is…Gaslighting?-December 7, 2020. This post talks about gaslighting and why it is so problematic. This post is part of the “what is” series.

The Importance of Following the Money in Politics-November 30, 2020. This post uses several prominent politicians as an example of why it is important to follow the money in politics.

Some Words About the Recent American Election-November 7, 2020. This post talks about the results of the 2020 United States Presidential Election.

Addressing Cancel Culture-October 5, 2020. This post talks about cancel culture, and why a nuanced view of canceling things would be helpful.

The Importance of Crisis Management from a United States President-September 14, 2020. This post talks about why crisis management is so important for a President of the United States. This is talked about in light of the 2020 United States Presidential Election.

Barriers to Evacuating From a Weather Disaster-August 31, 2020. This post talks about the different barriers that can keep someone evacuating from a weather disaster. This post is also on the pages for ableism and economic injustice.

Heading into a Major Election Year…Without a Functioning Election Commission-August 17, 2020. This post talks about how the United States was heading into an election year without a fully functioning election commission, and how that is a problem.

Sports Sponsorships and Morality-July 20, 2020. This post explains the challenges and questions raised by sports sponsorships with questionable morals.

On Using Friends as a Defense Against One’s Own Prejudice-July 13, 2020. This post talks about the issues with using friends as a defense against one’s own prejudice.

Wealth Over Health: It’s Not Just a Trump Thing-April 13, 2020. President Trump was criticized for prioritizing wealth over health during the coronavirus. This post talks about how prioritizing wealth over health is not just a Trump thing.

How Not to Respond, and How to Respond, to the Coronavirus-March 16, 2020. This post talks about some dos and don’ts about how we, as human beings, respond to the coronavirus. A link to this post is also in the “Blindly Just Posts” section.

Twelve Years of Bloomberg as Mayor: A New Yorker’s Perspective (Part Three)-March 2, 2020. This post talks about 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s handling of a number of major issues while he was Mayor of New York City (the city I come from).

Twelve Years of Bloomberg as Mayor: A New Yorker’s Perspective (Part Two)-February 27, 2020. This post talks about 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s treatment of other people while he was Mayor of New York City (the city I come from).

Twelve Years of Bloomberg as Mayor: A New Yorker’s Perspective (Part One)-February 24, 2020. This post introduces a series on what it was like to have 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg as Mayor of New York City (the city I come from).

What is the 1994 Crime Bill, and Why is it So Controversial?-February 3, 2020. This post talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly in the 1994 crime bill, which became a major point of discussion in the 2020 Presidential Election. This post is also in the women’s rights and racial issues sections of the blog.

A Few Words Heading into the 2020 United States Elections-January 6, 2020. This post talks about issues that vote should be mindful of, heading into elections in 2020.

Cutting Civics from School Curricula: An Unjust Move-August 27, 2019. As some schools and school districts are cutting on their Civics offerings, this post discusses why cutting Civics is an unjust move.

Addressing What We Do with the “Championship” Merchandise from a Team That Loses-February 12, 2019. The winning’s team merchandise in a championship game goes to players, coaches, staff and fans. The “championship” merchandise of the team that loses, however, suffers a much different fate. Read this post to hear about the unjust fate such clothes experience.

Language and Sense of Belonging-February 5, 2019. Sometimes, we argue that people don’t belong because of the language they do (or don’t speak). This blog post explains the injustice in saying that someone doesn’t belong because of the language they do or don’t speak.

Political Inorrectness Has Gone Mad…So Mad Some Use it to Justify Injustice-January 29, 2019. “Political correctness” is a negative term and political incorrectness is often favored instead. However, some people use the idea of “political incorrectness” to support different forms of bigotry.

On So-Called Slacktivism-October 23, 2018. Some people are called “slacktivists” because they are viewed as not doing enough activism. In this post, I discuss why some slacktivists should not be demonized. This post is also in the sections for ableism and mental health.

Job-Shaming-September 18, 2018. Some jobs are viewed as less-than-desirable. In this post, I explain the problem with such a mentality, also known as job-shaming.

Stalking is Not Funny, Yet is Treated as a Joke-September 11, 2018. People often joke about “Facebook stalking” and stalking in general, even though it’s not funny. In this post, I dispute the notion that stalking is a joke.

Human Rights Violations at the World Cup: An Ugly Side to the Beautiful Game-June 12, 2018. This post discusses the ugly violations of human rights that are often involved at each World Cup. This post is also in the “slavery” section.

On Body Image Issues-March 13, 2018. This post discusses insecurities related to body image, and how we can overcome these insecurities.

Why We Should Avoid Revenge-February 6, 2018. Sometimes, we are tempted to seek revenge. I use this post to argue why seeking revenge is actually unjust.

The Catastrophic Consequences of the United States Cutting Funding from the United Nations-January 9, 2018. The United States wants to cut funding from the United Nations in response to a resolution that the U.S. didn’t like the results of. In this post, I talk about the humanitarian problems that come with such a decision.

Why We Should Care About Elections in an “Off Year”-October 31, 2017. While many of us care about campaigns for President of the United States, fewer people care about “off years,” or years when there are no federal elections. In this post, I make the case that people should care about elections in those off years as well.

The #MeToo Campaign-October 17, 2017. In light of a campaign to raise awareness against sexual violence (particularly sexual violence against women) though a social media hashtag called “Me Too,” I published a post addressed to different types of people with different levels of involvement in the campaign. This post is also in the sections for “LGBTQ+” (a section of the post is addressed to nonbinary survivors), “Sexual Violence,” and “Women’s Rights” (since most survivors of sexual violence are women).

A Major Lesson from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria-October 3, 2017. The lesson this article talks about is how media coverage for a hurricane is subpar unless a U.S. state is affected.

Where to Donate and Where Not to Donate-August 29, 2017. I use this post to discuss how some “charities” are unjust, and what we can do to make sure we donate to good charities after Hurricane Harvey and other disasters.

Reflecting on the Events in Charlottesville-August 15, 2017. I use this post to briefly discuss the tragic clash between white supremacist protesters and counter-protesters at Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017.

Addressing Colin Kaepernick-August 8, 2017. In this post, I argue that Kaepernick’s problem is not his football play, but the fact that people often don’t like athletes who challenge our society’s status quo.

The Forgotten Injustice of the American National Anthem-June 27, 2017. If you want to read about how the Star-Spangled Banner celebrates the death of slaves, this is the perfect article for you.

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