Sexual Violence

Shared Post-Playing Along: How Sexual Harassment Pays My Wages-August 7, 2018. This link includes a shared post from a fellow blogger who talked about how sexual harassment affects the wages she (and other women) receives. This shared post is also in the “Women’s Rights” section.

Addressing Concerns About #MeToo-March 6, 2018. In the months since the beginning of the #MeToo phenomenon, some people have raised concerns about it. I address some of these major concerns in this blog post.

On the Aziz Ansari Sexual Misconduct Story-January 30, 2018. In the aftermath of sexual misconduct allegations against actor, comedian, and filmmaker Aziz Ansari, I wrote about several things that everyone should keep in mind in the wake of that story.

Aziz Ansari, #MeToo and the Problem of Empathy-January 23, 2018. I share a blog from Emily Sullivan Sanford on the lack of coverage on sexual violence against people with developmental disabilities. This shared post is also in the section for “Ableism,” since our ableist world is blind to this issue.

The #MeToo Campaign-October 17, 2017. In light of a campaign to raise awareness against sexual violence (particularly sexual violence against women) though a social media hashtag called “Me Too,” I published a post addressed to different types of people with different levels of involvement in the campaign. This post is also in the sections for “LGBTQ+” (a section of the post is addressed to nonbinary survivors), “Women’s Rights” (since most survivors of sexual violence are women), and “Other Injustices” (a section is addressed to male survivors).