Accessibility Options I Hope to See Remain After COVID-19-July 26, 2021. This post talks about certain accessibility options brought about by COVID-19 that can hopefully stay around after the pandemic.

On the Notion that Having a Disability is Tragic-June 21, 2021. This post talks about why it’s a mistake to view having a disability as “tragic.”

How Issues of Injustice Influenced My Presidential Pick-October 26, 2020. This post talks about who I voted for in the 2020 United States Presidential Election, and why.

Barriers to Evacuating From a Weather Disaster-August 31, 2020. This post talks about the different barriers that can keep someone evacuating from a weather disaster. This post is also on the pages for other injustices and economic injustice.

What is…Toxic Positivity?-May 11, 2020. This post talks about what toxic positivity is. This is also on the pages for the “what is” series and mental health.

Shared Post: The Cost of Being Disabled-March 5, 2020. This shared post from another blogger goes into the various health care costs associated with having many disabilities, and why this is an issue people should consider with the upcoming elections.

On Remembrance of the Holocaust-January 27, 2020. This post talks about how many people are forgetting the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, and how it’s important to better remember it. This post is also the sections for racial issues, LGBTQ+, and religious intolerance.

How Wintry Weather is Not Friendly to People Struggling Physically or Mentally-January 13, 2020. This post talks about how winter weather, and the way society often handles winter weather, is not friendly to those struggling with their physical and/or mental health. You can also find a link to this post in the “mental health” tab.

Shared Post: Four Massive Expenses That Disabled People Are Stuck With-October 10, 2019. This post, which I shared from another blogger, goes into some of the major expenses that disabled people are stuck with.

Opposition to the Americans with Disabilities Act within American Christianity: A Wrong that Must End-July 23, 2019. Christian special interest groups successfully advocated for churches to be exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This post argues that Christians fighting against the ADA should end.

Fireworks and PTSD-June 18, 2019. While fireworks are fun for some people, it is not fun for people with PTSD. This post talks about the problems that fireworks cause for people with PTSD, in particular.

Why the Reversal on Cuts to the Special Olympics is Not Enough-April 30, 2019. This post argues that, while it was good that cuts to the Special Olympics were reversed by President Trump, people in this country should not rest easy when it comes to disability issues and rights.

Some Dos and Don’ts of Behavior Towards the Mobility-Limited-December 11, 2018. There are positive behaviors that one can have to people with mobility limitations…and then there are negative behaviors. I break down some of those positive and negative behaviors in this blog post. This post is also in the “Blindly Just” section.

On So-Called Slacktivism-October 23, 2018. Some people are called “slacktivists” because they are viewed as not doing enough activism. In this post, I discuss why some slacktivists should not be demonized. This post is also in the sections for other injustices and mental health.

How Crosswalks are Still Ableist, Even With Disability Laws-October 2, 2018. Crosswalks may be part of everyday life for some, but for others crosswalks provide accessibility issues. I discuss the accessibility issues associated with sidewalks in this blog post.

The Ableism of Western Masculinity-August 21, 2018. Some traits associated with masculinity, such as physical strength and independence, are only achievable for men who are able-bodied. I therefore argue here that many of the characteristics of masculinity in the western world are ableist.

Why Straw Bans Are About More Than Straws-July 31, 2018. The proposed straw bans by some municipalities and companies have seemingly left out the needs of many people with disabilities. I explain in this post why leaving out the needs of disabled people goes well beyond straws.

Some Subtle Ways that People with Mobility Issues Aren’t Accommodated-April 3, 2018. After experiencing some time with limited mobility (a hurt ankle), I discuss some ways that people with mobility issues aren’t accommodated.

Aziz Ansari, #MeToo and the Problem of Empathy-January 23, 2018. I share a blog from Emily Sullivan Sanford on the lack of coverage on sexual violence against people with developmental disabilities. This shared post is also in the section for “Sexual Violence.”

Forced Intimacy: An Ableist Norm-November 28, 2017. Here, I share a post from blogger and activist Mia Mingus to describe what she calls forced intimacy, or “the common, daily experience of disabled people being expected to share personal parts of ourselves to survive in an ableist world.”

Why the Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act Felt Bittersweet-August 22, 2017. In this post, I discuss how the 27th anniversary of the ADA, which happened a few weeks before this post, felt bittersweet because the United States is far from eliminating ableism.

Waste Disposal: Where Ableism, Economic Injustice, and Environmental Injustice Meet Up-July 18, 2017. I use this post to discuss how many municipalities give little accessibility to places that handle certain kinds of waste. This lack of accessibility is a problem of ableism, economic injustice, and environmental injustice. Please note that this piece is also in the sections for environmental injustice and economic injustice.

The Ableism of Internet Map Directions-May 23, 2017. I use this post to discuss why map directions provided by the likes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo are ableist. Namely, none of these internet map providers give people an option for wheelchair-friendly directions.

Note that the dates listed here are the original publication dates. There are posts in this section that have been republished since their original publication date.

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