Relevant Blog News

All New: Posting on Just Actions People May Not Realize!-August 24, 2018. I use this post to discuss my new “Blindly Just” posts in-depth. You can also find this in the “blindly just posts” section of the blog.

Summer 2018 Blog News!-August 17, 2018. Here, I report several pieces of blog news, ranging from other blogs I’ve been featured in to the new “Blindly Just” posts.

Another Liebster Award!-June 15, 2018. I announce my winning of the Liebster Award (for the second time) in this post. I also answer some questions about myself and my blog in this post, as well as nominate some other blogs I recommend reading.

Celebrating One Year of the Blog-May 11, 2018. This post celebrates the fact that I’ve been posting on this blog for a little over one year. I also use this post to announce occasions over the next few months when I won’t post.

The New Domain Name!-March 24, 2018. In this post, I announce the new domain name.

Blog News: An Upcoming Change in Domain Name!-March 23, 2018. I announce in this post why I’m changing my domain name.

I Won a Thing…the Liebster Award!-December 1, 2017. This post is related to my first ever blog award.

Blog News Time!!!-September 1, 2017. If you’re wondering why I sometimes post on Facebook and Twitter on Thursdays, or why I sometimes share posts from others’ blogs, read this post to understand my reasoning.