Relevant Blog News

Autumn Blog News-November 9, 2018. Here, I announce two pieces of blog news, including times in late 2018 and early 2019 when I won’t be posting on the blog.

Blog News: An Important Update to a Recent Blog Post-October 17, 2018. I announced on this post that updated my post on Native American barriers to voting because yet another barrier to voting had been added for Native Americans in North Dakota.

All New: Posting on Just Actions People May Not Realize!-August 24, 2018. I use this post to discuss my new “Blindly Just” posts in-depth. You can also find this in the “blindly just posts” section of the blog.

Summer 2018 Blog News!-August 17, 2018. Here, I report several pieces of blog news, ranging from other blogs I’ve been featured in to the new “Blindly Just” posts.

Another Liebster Award!-June 15, 2018. I announce my winning of the Liebster Award (for the second time) in this post. I also answer some questions about myself and my blog in this post, as well as nominate some other blogs I recommend reading.

I Won a Thing…the Liebster Award!-December 1, 2017. This post is related to my first ever blog award.

Blog News Time!!!-September 1, 2017. If you’re wondering why I sometimes post on Facebook and Twitter on Thursdays, or why I sometimes share posts from others’ blogs, read this post to understand my reasoning.