Relevant Blog News

Blog Wrap-Up: Calendar Year 2021-December 23, 2021. This post summarizes the year 2021 for this blog.

A New Feature at the End of My Blog Posts-August 23, 2021. Here, I talk about a feature I have at the end of my blog posts.

My First Blog News Post in Some Time-June 10, 2021. This post explains some changes that I decided to do with my blog in mid-2021.

Blog Wrap-Up: Calendar Year 2020-December 28, 2020. This post summarizes the year 2020 for the blog. This post additionally gives a COVID update, which can be found in the coronavirus diary page.

The Outstanding Blogger Award!-September 17, 2020. This post announces another blogging award that I have won.

A Blog Award: The Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award-July 16, 2020. This announces another blog award that the author received.

Early 2020 Blog News-February 20, 2020. This post talks about some news I have about publishing a post on another blog and a series I’m having on here, among other things.

Blog Wrap-Up: Calendar Year 2019-December 26, 2019. This post summarizes the year 2019 for this blog.

Another Mystery Blogger Award!-October 24, 2019. This post announces that I won another Mystery Blogger Award.

Another Blog Award! This Time, the Mystery Blogger Award-August 2, 2019. This post is the “acceptance” of my Mystery Blogger Award. You can learn new things about me here, as well as find out about some bloggers I like!

More Blog News!-January 18, 2019. I use this post to talk about the surge in my blog’s popularity and a guest post I published on someone else’s blog.

All New: Posting on Just Actions People May Not Realize!-August 24, 2018. I use this post to discuss my new “Blindly Just” posts in-depth. You can also find this in the “blindly just posts” section of the blog.

Summer 2018 Blog News!-August 17, 2018. Here, I report several pieces of blog news, ranging from other blogs I’ve been featured in to the new “Blindly Just” posts.

Another Liebster Award!-June 15, 2018. I announce my winning of the Liebster Award (for the second time) in this post. I also answer some questions about myself and my blog in this post, as well as nominate some other blogs I recommend reading.

I Won a Thing…the Liebster Award!-December 1, 2017. This post is related to my first ever blog award.

Blog News Time!!!-September 1, 2017. If you’re wondering why I sometimes post on Facebook and Twitter on Thursdays, or why I sometimes share posts from others’ blogs, read this post to understand my reasoning.

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