Indigenous Peoples

Advancing the Cause of Missing Black and Indigenous People-October 11, 2021. After Gabby Petito went missing and then was found dead, there was much discussion of how missing Black and Indigenous persons do not receive the same attention as missing white persons. This post highlights some organizations involved in advancing the cause of missing Black and Indigenous persons. This post is also on the “Racial Issues” page of the blog.

Access to Clean, Safe Drinking Water: A Racial Justice Issue-August 2, 2021. This post talks about why access (or a lack thereof) to clean and safe drinking water in the United States is a racial justice issue. This post is also in the sections for “Environmental Injustice” and “Racial Issues.”

What Is…BIPOC?-July 19, 2021. Learn about what the BIPOC acronym stands for. This post is also on the “Racial Issues” and “What Is” pages.

Sports Team Nicknames and Native Americans-October 12, 2020. This post dives into the controversies surrounding the naming of sports teams such as Redskins, Braves, and Indians.

Native Americans and Land Rights-October 14, 2019. This post discusses the issue of land rights, or often, a lack thereof, for Native Americans.

Indigenous Rights and the Amazon Rainforest Fire-September 17, 2019. Amazon rainforest fires in 2019 endangered many indigenous people. This post therefore talks about the 2019 fires in the Amazon rainforest from the viewpoint of indigenous rights.

Native American Barriers to Voting-October 9, 2018. About a month before midterm elections in 2018, I discuss the wide variety of barriers that Native Americans face when it comes to voting.

Native American History is Erased from School Curricula-November 14, 2017. In this post, I assert that school curricula either badly misrepresent or downright erase Native American history.

Why I Blogged Today, Even Though Columbus Day was Yesterday-October 10, 2017. I use this post to discuss why I blog on the week of Columbus Day, even though I don’t blog on the weeks of other federal holidays.

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