Economic Injustice

On Advocates for “Economic Justice” Advertising Unpaid/Underpaid Internships-April 9, 2019. There are many organizations asking for help from unpaid interns, including entities that advocate for economic justice (while having the money to pay interns). I discuss the hypocrisy of this practice in this blog post.

On the Recent College Admissions Scandal-April 2, 2019. In March 2019, there was a scandal where wealthy parents of students paid gobs of money to a consultant who would do whatever it took for the parents’ kids to get into the colleges of their choice. I use this scandal as an opportunity to discuss all the ways, both legal and illegal, that the college admissions process in the United States favors the wealthy.

The Government Shutdown Screws Over the Poor-January 15, 2019. During the government shutdown that started in December 2018, I argued that the people hurt most by the shutdown are poor people.

America’s Failure to Support Troops…Economically-May 22, 2018. In the United States, we like to say “support our troops.” However, as I discuss in this post (especially with Memorial Day 2018 coming up), the opposite is often the case. This is demonstrated by the fact that, among other things, many in the United States military don’t earn a living wage.

Why the “Bootstraps” Narrative of Economic Mobility is Problematic-May 8, 2018. This piece discusses the problems with the narrative that people can just “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” in order to succeed economically.

Why We Should Give Tipped Workers Good Tips-April 10, 2018. This post discusses the poor wages that tipped workers receive. As a result of those wages, I argue in this piece that we should make sure that we, as consumers, give our tipped workers good tips.

Waste Disposal: Where Ableism, Economic Injustice, and Environmental Injustice Meet Up-July 18, 2017. I use this post to discuss how many municipalities give little accessibility to places that handle certain kinds of waste. This lack of accessibility is a problem of ableism, economic injustice, and environmental injustice. Please note that this piece is also in the sections for ableism and environmental injustice.

(Note that the dates listed here are original publication dates; some pieces are republished.)