Environmental Injustice

Work From Home and the Environment-May 24, 2021. In this post, learn about why working from home during COVID (and even after COVID) may be an environmentally-friendly choice for some of us. This post is also on the “Coronavirus Diary” page.

Transit and the Environment-April 26, 2021. This post talks about why poor mass transit, walking options, and bicycle infrastructure is an environmental justice issue.

How Issues of Injustice Influenced My Presidential Pick-October 26, 2020. This post talks about who I voted for in the 2020 United States Presidential Election, and why.

On Litter and the Coronavirus-April 20, 2020. Littering, and particularly littering of personal protective equipment, was an issue during the coronavirus pandemic. This post talks about the issue of littering during the coronavirus.

Earth Day 2019: Focusing on Policies that Don’t Intend to Hurt the Environment…But Hurt the Environment Anyway-April 23, 2019. While the focus is often on people who don’t believe in global warming, many of us (and many elected officials) who do believe in global warming find ourselves harming the environment in more ways than one.

Lacking Recycling Bins in Public Spaces: A Waste of an Opportunity-August 14, 2018. This post discusses how cities across the United States miss an opportunity to be environmentally friendly by not having recycling bins in public spaces.

Earth Day 2018: A Call to Action-April 17, 2018. For Earth Day 2018, I made a post on how we can reduce the amount of plastic we use, as well as be more responsible with the plastic we use.

Waste Disposal: Where Ableism, Economic Injustice, and Environmental Injustice Meet Up-July 18, 2017. I use this post to discuss how many municipalities give little accessibility to places that handle certain kinds of waste. This lack of accessibility is a problem of ableism, economic injustice, and environmental injustice. Please note that this piece is also in the sections for ableism and economic injustice.