Blog Advice

Blog Tips: My Blog Isn’t Getting Much Traffic. What Should I Do?-July 1, 2021. This post offers suggestions on what people may want to do if they do not feel their blog is getting the desired traffic.

Blog Tips: Discerning Which Sources to Use-November 19, 2020. This post talks about how to discern which sources are or are not accurate and trustworthy.

Blogging Awards: To Accept or Not to Accept?-October 1, 2020. This post talks about whether bloggers should accept blogging awards.

Should Bloggers Blog About Politics?-August 27, 2020. This post talks about whether, and when, someone may want to blog about politics.

I Will Write Some Posts on Blogging Advice-August 20, 2020. This post introduces readers to the concept of the blog advice posts on here.