Blindly Just Posts

For an explanation of what these “Blindly Just” posts are for and what they hope to achieve, please visit the blog post that talks more about this series. (It’s called: “All New: Posting on Just Actions People May Not Realize!”)

The Importance of Teaching Public Speaking in Schools-May 2, 2022. Learn about the benefits of public speaking being taught in every school.

The Importance of Recognizing Pioneering Figures on Injustice-Related Topics-March 21, 2022. Learn about why it is important that pioneering figures on injustice-related topics should get our attention and recognition.

Texting as Part of the Suicide Prevention Lifeline: It’s About Time-December 13, 2021. This post talks about the addition of texting as part of the Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the United States. This is also on the “Mental Health” page of the blog.

Why Parents Should Involve their Kids in the Political Process-October 25, 2021. Read about why parents should get their kids involved in the political process.

On Voting During a Global Pandemic-October 19, 2020. This post talks about how people can vote in the upcoming elections.

Did You Get Money You Don’t Need From the Feds? Here Are Some Ideas of Where to Donate It.-March 27, 2020. This post talks about places where you can donate your money if you received relief money from the federal government (in the United States) you didn’t need in Spring 2020.

How Not to Respond, and How to Respond, to the Coronavirus-March 16, 2020. This post talks about some dos and don’ts about how we, as human beings, respond to the coronavirus. A link to this post is also in the “Other Injustices” section.

Shared Post: Looking After Your Well-Being During the Holidays-December 12, 2019. This shared post from a fellow blogger goes into how you can take care of yourself during the holidays. This is also in the “mental health” section.

Shared Post: I’m Pro-Choice Because I’m Pro-Life-May 21, 2019. This post from a fellow blogger, which I shared in the aftermath of restrictive anti-abortion laws passed in several states, expresses a number of “blind injustices” and “blindly just ideas” related to abortion. This is also in the “Women’s Rights” section.

The Case for Content Warnings-March 26, 2019. Content warnings are often viewed as being too “politically correct.” However, this post argues that warnings of content that may harm our mental health are actually helpful. This is also on the “Mental Health” page.

Some Dos and Don’ts of Behavior Towards the Mobility-Limited-December 11, 2018. There are positive behaviors that one can have to people with mobility limitations…and then there are negative behaviors. I break down some of those positive and negative behaviors in this blog post. This post is also in the “Ableism” section.

Looking to Share Emotional Burdens with a Friend? Before Sharing, Let’s Seek Consent-December 4, 2018. This post discusses why it’s important to seek consent for the burdens we have or the baggage we need to “let out.”

Self-Care is Not Selfish-November 20, 2018. In this post, I argue that self-care is not selfish, and that it actually helps both yourself and others. This post is also on the “Mental Health” page of the blog.

Want to Keep Your Catholic (or Non-Catholic Christian) Faith and Have Been Abused by the Church? There Are Places You Can Turn to.-August 28, 2018. In light of the Catholic sex abuse scandal in Pennsylvania, I talk about places where people can turn to in order to recover from abuse yet also keep faith in Jesus.

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