Shared Post: The Cost of Being Disabled

With the election process in 2020 ongoing, I wanted to share a post that fellow blogger Karly shared on the cost of being disabled. While people with muscular dystrophy (what Karly was diagnosed with at a young age) might experience different costs from someone with a different type of disability, one thing that is universal is that American health care often makes it miserably expensive to have a disability. Since Karly’s hope is “to highlight the importance of voting with disabled people and health care in mind,” I figured that sharing her post at a critical point in the election process is ideal.

You can find Karly’s post here.

You can find Karly’s blog here.

9 Replies to “Shared Post: The Cost of Being Disabled”

  1. I was shocked to read about the quantum of expenses incurred by disabled people. It’s really sad that governments don’t do enough for them.

    Thank you for sharing Karly’s post, Brendan. She’s a true inspiration, and your work of spreading awareness on various issues is commendable.

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    1. You’re welcome, Ellen, and I’m glad you learned from reading Karly’s post. Part of me was shocked, part of me was not even surprised since there’s a lot of ableism at all levels of…well…just about everything.


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