Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault

Some of the questioning of recent days has focused on why Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, would even consider not testifying on her sexual assault.

In her piece, Jill Richardson explains that there are actually many reasons why women might not want to report sexual assault. Furthermore, quite a few of those reasons involve the unjust ways in which our society treats survivors of sexual assault.

For more details on the reasons why women might not want to report sexual assault, I encourage people to read her original post. As a man, I found it very informative to read why someone like a Dr. Ford may be hesitant to talk about her experiences. Hopefully, others will find Jill Richardson’s post to not only be informative, but also a call to be less judgmental to sexual assault survivors who don’t report their assaults.

Post: “Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault”

20 Replies to “Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault”

  1. Hi Brendan,
    Her reasons may not sound like much but they are the reasons most women don’t ever come forth.

    Just an FYI: I was going to reblog the original but when I tried the link on my laptop, it was blocked and deemed an unacceptable security risk.

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    1. Agreed. To many who don’t know, the reasons don’t sound like much. To those who know, these are many of the reasons why people don’t come forth.

      And huh. That’s odd. I didn’t have any security issues myself when sharing the original.

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      1. Huh. Odd. I haven’t gotten such worries on my laptop or phone. I’m sorry that the link has caused such major issues!!!

        If you’d like I can provide you with the word text (and the author) at some point so you can publish this on your own blog. If I recall correctly the article has some sort of creative commons thing where you can republish the piece as long as you give credit to the original author. I would need to double check though.

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      2. It might take a couple days though (and you might even need to remind me). My family is responding to a family emergency so it may take a couple days until I send the word text and author information over to you.

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    1. Thanks for sharing. I just read what you shared and your post also offers some really good and important things to consider as to why many women don’t report.

      PS I apologize for taking so long to respond. For whatever reason WordPress considered this to be spam, when it really isn’t spam.

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