Coronavirus Update From New York City: February 3, 2022

I hope all of my readers are remaining healthy and safe, regardless of where you live.

I thankfully continue to remain COVID-free. I am grateful for that because, to be honest, even among those I know who have “mild” symptoms, there can still be certain symptoms that linger for quite a few weeks after they first test positive. For example, I know of people who, even though they have mostly recovered from the virus, still have lingering coughs that they are so incredibly tired of. Even “mild” COVID is no fun, albeit it is nothing compared to landing in the hospital with the virus.

Where I live, cases continue to decrease, and the number per cases per 100,000 people is at its lowest level since right before the holidays. Such numbers (as well as numbers when it comes to the percentage of people testing positive) is still relatively high compared to where we have been at most other points of this pandemic, but it is relatively low compared to where we were at the peak of the Omicron surge.

Also important is the fact that hospital and ICU admissions are on the decline now. While such statistics are lagging indicators relative to the number of people who test positive, what has made this pandemic so scary on so many occasions is how it has had the ability to completely overwhelm hospitals with patients. In the case of where I live, hospitalizations were higher with this variant than with COVID last winter, though ICU admissions were lower than they were past winter.

Given the rate at which things are slowing down, in terms of the rate of infection, I will be scaling back my COVID update posts to about once a month again. The pandemic isn’t over so I’m not ready to end these posts entirely, but it seems like an appropriate time to scale my posts back again because there may not be too much for me to report for a little while.

That is pretty much it, as far as updates are concerned on my end. As always, I’m interested in hearing how others are doing.

4 Replies to “Coronavirus Update From New York City: February 3, 2022”

    1. Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that your son still has a cough, though that doesn’t surprise me as coughs seem to be among the last symptoms to go away. I’m glad you’re starting to ease back into things yourself though.

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