Coronavirus Update From New York City: March 4, 2021

It is hard to believe that it has nearly been a full year since I published my first post related to COVID on my blog. On March 9, 2020, I published a post explaining why the idea of not going to work when you’re sick is also not doable for many people. It’s hard to believe that one year later, we’re still talking about this pandemic.

The good news is that it does appear that in my neighborhood, COVID numbers are once again going in the right direction. The test positivity rate is at 9.9%, which means that it is below 10% in my neighborhood in over a couple of months. Hopefully the test positivity rate will continue to go down, even as there is concern about the various variants circling around, including this New York variant. Personally, considering that my neighborhood in Queens is a major port of entry for people and diseases alike, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the variants people are expressing concern about have already come through my area.

Deaths also seem to be going down statewide from COVID. During New York State’s secondary peak in late January, the state was averaging close to 200 deaths from the pandemic per day. We are now averaging a little under 120 deaths per day from the pandemic, which is better than we were at, but still a significantly higher rate than where we were at during the summer and fall.

Needless to say, regardless of what certain governors may be (wrongly) doing in lifting certain COVID restrictions, particularly in places where COVID remains a major issue, now is not the time to relax public health measures but instead redouble them. With vaccinations coming at a faster clip now, we are in a position to put a real and hopefully long-lasting dent in this thing. A better future is potentially in sight if we continue doing our parts by masking, practicing social distancing, and limiting gatherings with people outside of our COVID bubbles. Let us not lose sight of that better future.

12 Replies to “Coronavirus Update From New York City: March 4, 2021”

  1. Exactly, thank you, Brendan: folks seem to be in a hurry to lose sight of the fact that it is masking up and washing hands that lower the spread, as well as social distancing.

    With new more contagious variants making the rounds in communities, prudence is more important than ever.

    Stay safe,

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  2. I like the way you say “putting a dent in” the virus rather “putting an end to” the virus, Brendan. Too many people seem to think that getting a vaccination means that you don’t need to worry about protocols anymore.

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    1. I’ve heard that a number of states are lifting their mask mandates, arguing that it’s important to lean on “personal responsibility.” Imagine if we leaned on “personal responsibility” for highways? Then people would be going 100 if they could.

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  3. progress… slow and steady. In Canada the rollout for the vaccine is taking time. Soon…but even after the vaccine it’ll be a while but there a small speck of light at the end of the tunnel…. soon…

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