Three Notes: Please Vote, Wear Your Mask, and Socially Distance

I did not publish a post yesterday evening for a reason: because I wanted to start off early Tuesday, Election Day, with a reminder for people to vote if they have not voted already.

Many of you who’ve read this will have already voted; if you are one of them, great! But if you are eligible to vote and you haven’t voted, then today is your day to vote. If you are voting today, please wear your mask and socially distance when going to the polls.

Speaking of mask wearing, I’ve noticed quite a bit of vitriol from anti-mask people. I don’t know if this is a post that will reach any such individuals, but let me be frank—before we knew about the science of mask wearing in New York (and elsewhere), the COVID situation here was a living nightmare. Hospital sirens were constant. My family went through a 10-week period where we lost, on average, three people we knew a week. A hospital in my county lost thirteen individuals…in 24 hours. This was the world without mask wearing. I beg people to wear their masks.

16 Replies to “Three Notes: Please Vote, Wear Your Mask, and Socially Distance”

    1. Thanks for the historical perspective. I didn’t realize it has been used in that way before, but that is good to know. Hopefully, we’ll get to the point that we do listen (and get to that point before losing too many more lives).

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  1. Our restrictions just got tighter because our numbers were spiking and people were becoming complacent about things. So thanks to all of those people we have to go backwards. I already voted and am baking to sooth my nerves. Stay well.

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  2. Yes, please do wear your masks. I think that it might be difficult for people who have never personally encountered the virus with anyone that they know to think that it’s real – but just because they haven’t experienced it, doesn’t mean that millions of other people haven’t either. It is real and it is something that we need to prevent from spreading with masks. Happy voting!


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