Coronavirus Update From New York City: June 11, 2020

First of all, I apologize for getting this post out very late in the evening. Today,,and this week, quite frankly, have been extremely busy and hectic for me, and one result of that is a post that’s coming out later than I had hoped.

Anyway, New York City started the first phase of reopening last Monday. What this means is that industries such as non-essential construction, manufacturing, and wholesale trade (to name a few) are getting back in business here. For more details on what this first phase involves, I encourage you to visit the section of my state’s website that addresses what industries can open up during this first phase.

I must emphasize that this is only the beginning of the reopening process. Not everything is open–far from it. In fact, different regions in New York State are opening in phases, and there are four phases involved in reopening. I’ve heard that some regions are up to the third phase of four, which means that said regions are seemingly getting close to normal. New York City, however, has some work to do before getting to even the third phase, as we have barely entered the first phase. We are continuing in the right direction here in New York City, but we still have a little ways to go, I think, before we get back to “normal,” whether that be the old normal or a “new normal.”

As to where that leaves me, I have an office job, so I am in what you may call a “Phase Two” industry (the next phase of reopening). What this means is that, as we head towards the end of June, I might have the ability to go to my physical office again, with “might” being the key word. The reason I use the word might is because there’s no rush to get back to the physical office I work in, as the office I work in has discovered that we can by-in-large do 95% of our the tasks from home. Even when we do reopen our physical office, I’m expecting this “new normal” to look different from the old normal.

So, that’s pretty much it from me, and again, my apologies for getting this post published so late today. I hope others are doing well!

13 Replies to “Coronavirus Update From New York City: June 11, 2020”

    1. I hope a surge doesn’t happen, either. I’m cautiously optimistic because most protestors seem to be wearing facemasks. But, we will find out in a few weeks, I guess. I’m sorry to hear that the situation continues to get worse in Alabama.

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  1. Thanks, Brendan, for sharing your update. My office reopened on Monday but staff are not encouraged to go in unless it is really necessary. I haven’t gone back and probably won’t for some time to come. South Africa’s infection rates and deaths are creeping up slowly but surely as we enter our winter and the cold weather starts. All the best with NYC’s reopening process.

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    1. Thanks Roberta.

      As one of the other comments said, some places are discovering that they can do quite well having their employees work from home. If that’s the case, then there really is no rush to come back. Regardless, I’m glad that, from the sound of things, your workplace is taking a cautious approach.

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  2. Hope your phases go well, so far Massachusetts is taking things slowly for which I am grateful. I am not in a huge rush to open it all back up. Side note, my son-in-law in PA will be working from home from now on, his company said it was working well, so they are proposing closing the physical office. Wonder how many businesses will be going that route. Real estate will be taking a hit.

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    1. Yeah, some places will be at least considering working from home more. Which is probably better for the environment as it means not as many people will be driving to work. I’m glad that Massachusetts has been slowly opening up responsibly, from the sound of things.

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  3. Here, many things are re-opening and of course cases are on the rise again. I am still staying home by choice, for I see no reason to take unnecessary risks. Heck, I like the money I’m saving by not eating out every weekend and shopping! Keep safe and have a good weekend, my friend.

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      1. Yep, you recall correctly … retired in 2008! I could be out, but frankly I am just more comfortable staying home. The masks disturb me … don’t get me wrong … I fully understand the purpose behind them, but … I cannot wear one, for I have serious breathing issues, and seeing everyone else wearing one, not being able to understand them if they speak, as I am nearly deaf and lip-read a lot, is just so offputting that I prefer to be home. You stay safe, too, my friend!!!

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