Coronavirus Update From New York City: March 26, 2020

Last week, there seemed to be some reader interest in my update on how I’m doing, and how my city is doing, with the coronavirus. Given that fact, I will be continuing to post these weekly updates until the coronavirus settles down in New York City.

I, personally, am lucky economically. I heard that over three million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits. I am not one of them, and to the contrary, I am not losing any pay as a result of this crisis. Yes, there are certainly quirks involved with working from home (which I started doing last Monday), especially when your priorities compete with the priorities of other family members working or studying from home. Nevertheless, when I consider the fact that over three million of my fellow Americans are filing for unemployment benefits, I am lucky economically.

I am also lucky health-wise (so far). I’ve had some minor seasonal allergies, but I have never run a fever and have never exhibited the symptoms that come with the coronavirus. Hopefully it stays that way for me and for my entire family.

New York City is not so lucky. My city is at the epicenter of this pandemic. At this point, well over 20,000 cases have been reported in New York City (and that may be low-balling). Granted, some of the reason for the high numbers is because testing has been more widely available in New York City (and New York State as a whole) than most other places. But some of it is because the situation here is genuinely bad. A hospital in the same neighborhood as my alma mater high school reported over a dozen deaths from the coronavirus in 24 hours.[1] Doctors and nurses are getting sick. There is still a grave concern about hospitals in New York City running out of certain medical supplies, including ventilators. The medical system in my area is severely strained. To those who think people are exaggerating how bad this pandemic is at the epicenter, I have two words to say: think again.


33 Replies to “Coronavirus Update From New York City: March 26, 2020”

      1. I heard about that. Apparently he is no longer considering that but instead is thinking of a strong travel advisory. A regional quarantine would’ve been a good way to sow complete panic and chaos. Still, I have very little in his ability to lead us through this competently.

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      2. Yeah, it would’ve been nice if he didn’t leave us hanging all day. It’s good for reality TV, but being President of the United States is NOT being the host of The Apprentice.

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      1. Oh wow! That’s maybe a one mile walk from where I work. I hope he stays safe too!!! I’m especially concerned about my Manhattan friends, as certain situations (like being with others in the elevator) aren’t conducive to social distancing.

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      2. Gosh, so close!
        I do worry about my brother-in-law and his wife.
        They are not young people and both have underlying health issues.
        They both were exposed to someone that came down with the virus and they both self-quarantined themselves.(in their small apt)
        They are okay now with no symptoms.
        I know they still go out for walks and have to use the elevator and I sure would not want to be the elevator with anyone else.
        But they can’t walk up 58 floors!
        They used to walk in Central Park every day but no longer.
        I have heard that there are a lot of people that still go there, is that right?
        A lot of parks are closed down here in Colorado and I really thought that Central Park would be closed.
        Take care!

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      3. Nope, the parks are not closed. Which is a decision I question the wisdom of. That being said, I won’t be surprised if parks close as well in the coming days.


  1. Wishing you safety and the City some peace. I am missing it (my partner Don is the Boston union rep to ATPAM which is the theatrical press agents and managers union — so meetings, no shows so we have not been there since January. Our friends who are alone as glad for calls but frightened.

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