Regarding Tygpress

I was absolutely thrilled when my post on the Mystery Blogger Award was published on Friday afternoon!

And then, I was much less happy when I discovered that my content was being put on a different site, called Tygpress, without my permission. While I don’t personally stand to lose any money because my posts are on there (I don’t earn money through blogging), it’s definitely not honest of them to post my entire posts and present it as if I am one of their writers (I’m not).

I could go on writing a lot more about the whole Tygpress issue, but I think that my readers are probably best served by my sharing a link to Renard’s post over at Renard’s World. He wrote an extremely informative article about this, and I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before!

Renard’s article

Update on 8/5/2019: The Tygpress website is down. Their website currently says the following:

“ is temporarily out of service due to technical issues. will be back soon… was created with an intention to create a blog search site , but due to some techical issues, full contents of respective sites were being displayed instead of just excerpts as intended. We thank the complainants for bringing this issue to our notice and We are extremely sorry to the content owners.”

26 Replies to “Regarding Tygpress”

  1. Hello Brendan. I just read about this on Nan’s blog. It seems to be a rather big issue getting worse. The issue seems to not be that Tygpress is using other peoples posts but that they are making money off doing so. I do not mind anyone using my posts, but I pay about $400 a year for my blog. If I don’t get money for that why should someone take my content and get money for it? So it is an issue for a lot of bloggers. I have not looked in to the legalities but I think there maybe some. Hugs

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    1. Hello Brendan. I just checked to see if I was also listed on that site. Yup every post I make is there. I feel cheated. It is not just a directory listing, it is a total taking of the entire post and putting it on their site. Hugs

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    2. In terms of legalities, it apparently runs into copyright infringement laws in the United States. However, the site, from all I’ve heard, is based in India. Which can make things complicated, because I have no idea of how strict India’s copyright laws are.

      I also don’t mind others using my posts, as long as they attribute them to me. My issues are what you stated, as well as the fact that they are making it as if I’m one of their writers (which I’m not).

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      1. Hello Brendan. I agree. As long as they are linking back to me / my blog I have no issue with them. They really are not claiming the content is theirs, they are acting more like a search engine. But still it has an icky feel to it. Hugs

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      2. Yes, they link back to you/your blog, which means that it’s at least not plagiarism (then I’d be even more upset).

        It seems like they are what’s called a “scraper site,” which is basically a site that copies content from other sites through something called web scraping.

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      3. Hello Brendan. I wish they would follow the 25% rule. As you know that is the polite way when re-blogging a post to only use a maximum of 25% and always link so readers can go back to the original. However as I said I don’t monetize my blog on purpose so for me what they are doing is really not that big a deal to me. For blogs / sites that earn income I can see this being a huge problem. Funny thing, every now and again I get a huge viewer spike, normally centered around a really old post. Maybe this is why? Hugs

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  2. Hello Brendan. I use four different browsers depending on how the day hits me and all my posts are on there. I doubt the browser has anything to do with it. I suspect they mine WordPress as that is easy and something WordPress promotes to keep people on their platform. Hugs

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      1. it seems that “harvesters” can find blogs through their RSS feeds. a person has to ‘follow you on RSS” then every post can be sent to another site quite easily. RSS feeds are a total pain in the patootie to alter though and it’s really easy to screw up your site while editing them. Easier to just block the unknown followers then they can’t access your feed.

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      2. Yep, that’s what I’ve heard. I hesitate to really do any changes to my RSS feed because I like the direction my site is going in and I don’t want to do something that seriously messes up my site.


  3. I found out from a follower of mine that my posts are on that site. I went to check and the site is down. Waiting to see what happens when they come back online. I’m very unimpressed at the thievery.

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