Another Reminder that Self-Care is Not Selfish

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a post that served as a reminder that self-care is not selfish. Given the extent to which many of us are struggling with self-care during the coronavirus, I think the message of that old post is as relevant as ever.

Usually, when I feel that the message of an old post is relevant again, I republish the post. However, the original post was made under a set of circumstances that don’t exist now, so republishing the post would likely result in my significantly editing the post in a way that I think the post would become less powerful.

As such, instead of republishing the old post, I’m posting a link here to my original post on self-care. You can read the original post below.

Original post: Self-Care is Not Selfish

5 Replies to “Another Reminder that Self-Care is Not Selfish”

  1. Doctors always stress to care givers that they need to care for themselves so that they can be a help to others and it’s true if you don’t then you are just making the situation worse. A little time to do as you please can only help you and those involved with you.

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      1. When I was caring for my mom I got so rundown, she needed to finally go into a nursing/rehab facility and after the guilt went away I finally was able to sleep the night through. What a difference that made in my life and those around me.

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