Wait…a Blog Post on Friday?

“Brendan, aren’t your blog posts supposed to happen at noon on Tuesdays? And anyway…why isn’t this blog post about some form of injustice? Also, what is your news?”

Don’t worry, because I will have those questions answered by the end of the post.

The first piece of news is that, when I have to announce news related to the blog, I will announce that news at noon on a Friday through a blog post.

I don’t want to make posts about blog news at my typical post time of noon on Tuesdays. Why? Because I firmly believe that posts about blog news should never take the place of posts about various forms of injustice. As a result, if I ever have news on the blog, I will make a post at 12 Noon on a Friday. (And when I don’t have news to report, you won’t see a Friday blog post from me.)

I will announce the news through a blog post so that people who like my Facebook page, follow my Twitter page, and/or follow my blog on WordPress are all on the same page about blog developments. While I considered only posting blog news on Facebook and Twitter (and not through a blog post as well), I realized that this would leave WordPress followers and people who don’t follow me on any platforms out of the loop.

The second piece of news is that I am now including pages at the top of the blog for various forms of injustice.

I want this blog to be a resource for people who, like me, may be blind to and/or blindly commit a range of injustices. In order to become a better resource, I decided to include pages at the top of the blog for various forms of injustice that I have written about (LGBTQ+, ageism, etc.). If you click on one of those pages, you will see posts I’ve written in that category. For example, if you are curious about how you may be blind to or blindly commit racism, you can access my post on racial colorblindness by clicking the “racism” tab and clicking on the link to my article.

The final piece of news is that I will not have a blog post next Tuesday.

Next Tuesday is Independence Day, so I will not publish a post in observance of the holiday. My next blog post will be on Tuesday, July 11. I hope that everyone has a happy, healthy, and safe 4th of July!

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