Shared Post: “If You Don’t Want to be Sexualized, Why Do You Get Dressed Up?”

This week, I’m sharing a post from Angry Feminist on a question about women that is too common: “If you don’t want to be sexualized, why do you dress up?”

In this post, Darci answers this question by saying that “women actually make themselves attractive for reasons other than to sexually entice men.” She goes into those reasons for women dressing up, and in doing that exposes how many of us are biased towards sexualizing many women.

Hopefully her post will expose many of us to that bias.

via If You Don’t Want to be Sexualized, Why Do You Get Dressed Up?

5 Replies to “Shared Post: “If You Don’t Want to be Sexualized, Why Do You Get Dressed Up?””

  1. Yes, I agree with the post. To me lots of this targets people of the straight community. This whole idea does not really follow people in the LGBT+ community. The whole idea of Trans Women and other things that relate to that.

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    1. Hmmm. I would think though that the issue of being sexualized extends to trans women as well (or others who don’t fit the gender binary by being feminine-presenting).


      1. If it is it should be talked about then. no one is a mind reader. To me order to get the conversation is asking questions you might be confused about.


      2. I don’t think that trans women necessarily needed to be talked about in this post because trans women are women too (so the same things said in the post about women apply to all women, including trans women). As for people who present themselves as feminine but are not necessarily women, that’s probably a topic for a separate post.


  2. I agree with everything in the post. To me this post follows to much on the straight community. It does not really focus on people in the LGBT+ community. Example of that can be trans-women of any race.


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